Natural Benefit

I've been irked recently by the recurring thought that many jobs and positions we deem useful to society are no more than humans supporting humans.

Think about it- 90% of the careers you could imagine do nothing for the natural world and would be worthless outside of the complicated-ape society we live in. There has to be a way to give back to the environment that allowed our creation while at the same time benefiting human society.

All this achievement, economic development, our cities, our cultures, none of these things would matter if a massive asteroid hit earth tomorrow. All would be gone with no proof that we ever bothered recording history or developing social structure.

In the same vein of thought, if we all suddenly went extinct, how long would everything we have established matter? If aliens touched down to an earth without humans, what could they understand of our writings, out technology, and our statues? Perhaps, by the time this metaphorical scenario arises, it would all be dust, and not matter anyways.

In short- don’t fall into the pitfall of valuing only human institutions. There is such a beautiful natural world out there, free to explore and to help. Plant a tree or some shit.


Novel Spirituality

I believe that I have lost a connection to that which is spiritual, and long for some sense of divine fulfillment that is personal and in accordance with the laws of Science and modern life. This idea of finding balance in our absurd and incredibly connected world has been irking me lately.

Today, I stumbled upon a method of meditation that was incredibly enlightening and spiritual beyond my comprehension of the word. There are few things in this world to be trusted aside from nature itself, and this strategy seems to be one of many ways to hold a dialogue with it.

Preparation was as follows- I cut a small piece of paper and wrote upon it my intention:

“I would like to clarify (my relationship, my job, my plans for lunch, what have you), and I would like to know the steps I must take to do this. Thank you.”

This paper was rolled around a few leaves of dried sage, and some flowers I was given by a close friend. The packed scroll was tied off with a small piece of thread. (In short- the bundle contains a message, something holy, and something of personal significance).

Later, I carried the idol to a stream, all the while talking to myself about the emotional issues contained within my request and proposing solutions to the wind. Once I arrived at the stream, I sat aside it and continued meditating and conversing with the cosmos, approaching ever closer to the answers I was searching for.

Once I had come to a conclusion that was satisfying, I placed my small holy object on the shoreline (allowing the elements to do with it what they may), thanked the biological deity that had created both myself and this place, and walked away.

As I left the stream, I held in my closed hand a large chunk of ice which was allowed to melt completely. This served as a burning reminder that I had momentarily found piece and clarity, and that I had underwent a blessed experience of some sort. This brief, borderline-pleasurable coldness felt like a natural conclusion to this journey and reminded me of my role in the universe.

In short- it seems that this is an effective way to clear your mind and meditate in a non-traditional way. In the future, I plan to continue pondering religion, the necessity of it, and the validity of DIY spirituality.


A colletion of shouts into the void.

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